I grew up in a traditional Greek home, with a mom who cooked delicious meals from scratch every night, and made fresh desserts regularly. I learned how to cook and bake at a young age, so creating in the kitchen has always been a passion of mine. My father was a perpetual entrepreneur. We were one of those immigrant families you hear about coming to America for a better life. My parents and I moved here from the small, Mediterranean island of Cyprus when I was six years old. My father, who didn't even have a high school diploma, worked relentlessly to build a very successful food distribution business. I learned so much about business, building loyal customers and providing top notch customer service, from watching him my entire childhood. I celebrated his triumphs and I learned from his mistakes. He instilled in me the desire to build my own business, a business that I work very hard to grow in his memory. He is one of the reasons why I strive so hard to succeed. Even though he's not here with us anymore, I want to make him proud. 


My husband of 23 years, my best friend and soul mate, George, also grew up in a very Greek home. His mom made incredible meals and he spent every weekend sharing those meals with their friends and family. His "Yiayia" and "Pappou" (grandmother and grandfather in Greek) lived with them for several years, and George has fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table enjoying ice cream with them. It made such an impact in his life that George inherited the family heirloom scoop when his Pappou passed away. Today, we have modeled our logo after that scoop and keep the original in our shop as a reminder of our family roots.


When George, our children, Alyssa and Alex, and I first started this journey into the ice cream making world, we had visions of creating an experience much like our own family. You know, the "big, fat Greek family," where everybody hangs out together and enjoys some great food and "parea" (Greek for good company and friendship). We opened our doors as The Freezing Pointe in 2014, and have been blessed with tremendous success since then. We have become known as a top homemade ice cream caterer in The Triangle of North Carolina, where we call home. But over time, we realized something. Although we developed a loyal following, and welcomed many customers into our family, something was still missing. With help from some very talented marketing friends, we realized that The Freezing Pointe didn't really describe who we are. It felt more like the ice cream was made in a big factory instead of in small batches, in our own kitchen, one by one.


So, the four of us sat down as a family at our kitchen table and decided to start this new journey to include our roots in our brand. I thought about my dad and his entrepreneurial journey, and we remembered George's Pappou's scoop that has been sitting in our kitchen drawer since we were married, having been used many times over the years. It was important to us to dig deep inside of our hearts and share the story of our parents and grandparents that influenced our path.  So here we are: Andia's Homemade Ice Cream! This feels like home in my heart. We promise you the same premium quality ice cream and sorbet that we have always served, with the same bar none customer service. We are passionate about creating amazing ice cream for you, your family, and your special event! Welcome to our family, Andia's Homemade Ice Cream, where we "Scoop with Love".

All Photos by Daniel J Studios